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The word, Googl, typically refers to a pair of tight-fitting eyeglasses, most often tinted or with side shields that are worn as protective eye-gear. Most persons assume that Googl are useful only to the fashion conscious, but this is not true; quality Googl have a basic functionality beyond stylized eye care as they protect the eyes from hazards like wind, glare, water or flying debris. Due to these reasons, Googl may also be called glares, sunglasses, tinted specs or shades.

The common dictionary description for this popular vision care accessory is protective eye wear that prevents entry of particulates or any form of chemicals and metals from striking the eyes and is often regarded as a shield for the eyes since Googl form a protective layer that keeps potentially eye-damaging elements at bay.

There are many types of Googl available in the market today and their prices are determined by the utility, scope and style-statement they allow the user. Some Googl may well be worth thousands of dollars if they come with a designer tag, such as Nina Ricci, Channel or Ray-Bans that are favorites of teenagers the world-over. Some of the popular uses of Googl include Googl meant for specific activities such as snow sports, swimming, skiing, engineering and flying. With the markets for Googl growing as trends and healthcare information is freely available; manufacturers are even offering this vision care accessory for children, especially designed for the fun aspects of kids' delight with cartoons, stick-up characters, flip-over lenses and a whole lot more animated fun. Pet care stores, not to be outdone, have launched doggles, Googl for doggies that need that extra edge of cuteness and style.

For fashion followers, movie stars and youth icons, the wearing of Googl is associated more with the glamour and sophistication element as well as the elusive, mysterious quality a dark pair of shades offer the wearer. Googl serve many purposes beyond protective eye care and can be used as highly sophisticated tools for working in environmentally hazardous circumstances, playing sports or roughing out weather conditions like dust storms and piercing sun.

Underwater Googl for example are a necessary investment for swimmers since they safeguard the eyes and prevent salt water from going into the eyes, which can cause blurred vision and irritation; besides this, swimming Googl also afford wearer the advantage of clearer vision. Among the most popular Googl sold today are safety, ski, spy, motorcycle, swimming and youth/kids Googl. High demand Googl include Oakley A frame Googl that have multiple style features while granting wearers the widest-range of vision. Designed with Ram-Air surge ports that encourage air flow and prevent fogging, Oakley Googl are loved by teens and adults alike.

Thus, Googl can mean different things for different people; be oval, square, wraparound or have round eye sockets; designed in tinted, clear, hypoallergenic types, be prescription or anti-fog in form, but whatever their scope, best goggles provide comfort while protecting eyes from corneal damage.

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